Member Profiles

We need some more car photos for the wheels site

Greg McIntosh

Greg's TruckGreg's TruckMember since:1988
Vehicles: 1956 Ford F100
Awards: Too many to list!
Profession: Breakdown Contractor
Services Offered: AA Breakdown
Contact number: 09 425 5539

Kerry Ball

Member since: 2007
Vehicle: 1966 Dodge Coronet
Profession: Pit Stop Henderson city
Service offered: Automotive Repairs
Contact number: 09 8370 043

Martin Hogan

Member since: 2012
Vehicle: Building T bucket
Profession: Engine Builder
Contact number: 021 0580 003

Paul Hollands

Member since: 2011
Vehicle: 1966 Chrysler 300
Profession: security technician
Service offered: Alarms,monitoring,Cameras,intercoms
Contact number: 021 482664

Warren Brown

Member since: 1980
Vehicles: 1968 dodge dart
Services offered:Tip truck, firewood supplies
Contact number:021 742132

Shaun Brown

Member since:
Vehicles: 1968 Dodge Dart
Profession: Plumber, Solar hot water systems
Contact number: 09 838-1117

Dave Potter

Member since: 1980’s
Vehicles: 1972 Chevelle, 1923 T Bucket
Awards: Most progress 2005-06, Rodder of the year 2006-07
Contact number: 021 521 766

Marion Livingstone

Member since:2010
Vehicle:1968 Plymouth Barracuda
Awards:Too many to list
Contact number:West Auckland Engine Reconditioners

Richard Ayers

Richard's ToysRichard's ToysMember since: 2010
Vehicle: 1966 Chevy Impala (in long term rebuild Phase),1970 Dodge Sweptline,1985 Corvette
Awards: 2012-13, Rodder of the year
Profession: Information technology
Contact number: 021 54 5460
We need some more car photos for the wheels site

Glenn Stempher

Member since:1996
Vehicles:Plymouth Barracuda, Holden Le Coupe
Profession: Manager
Serviced Offered: Painting, Recladding and Building work, Exterior plastering
Contact number: 09 479 8901

Richard Tuthill

Member since: 1997
Vehicles: 1986 VL Holden Calais (Factory 5L), 72 HQ Holden Monaro
Awards: Best street machine, best GM
Profession:Engineering shop supervisor

Stu Hansen

Member since:
Vehicles: HQ Holden , 67 Chev Impala
Profession: Hansen Auto Repairs
Contact number: 027 483 1957

Simon Upham

Member since:
Vehicle: Holden HK Monaro
Profession: Tyre shop manager
Service offered: tyres,mags,wheel alignment
Contact number: 09 8263 444

Tony Buchan

Member since: 2012
Vehicle: Pro Street LC GTR Torana, HZ Sandman Panel Van.
Awards: 2012-13, Most Progress.
Profession: Jack of all trades
Services Offered: Container & Ports Services, & Storage and Handling
Contact number: 021-607893
Website: www

Eric Livingstone

Member since:1994
Vehicle:1923 Ford T Bucket
Awards:Too many to list
Profession:Co Director
Contact number:West Auckland Engine Reconditioners

Doron Andersen vazey

Member since: 2012
Vehicle: 68 barracuda fastback
Awards: best second and third year apprentice in nz
Profession: fitter turner machinist
Service offered: billet alloy stuff..roll cages ,headers,anything engineered
Contact number: 021 1197121

Ray Smith

Member since: 2011
Vehicle: Dodge Charger 1969. Kawasaki ZL900 eliminator 1985
Awards: Best other, kurbside rodders 18/03/13. Classic bike show 2nd place August 2012
Profession: Engineer
Contact number: 027 2947664

Paul Rose

Member since:1966
Vehicle: 57 Fairlane
Awards: Many
Profession: Auto parts person
Contact number: 0214142672

Brian Parsons

Member since: 2012
Vehicles: 1947 Jailbar
Profession:: Transport engineer
Contact number: 027 3920174

Dave Vazey

Member since: 2012
Vehicle: Chrysler Imperial, T Roadster, Sprint rod, ZX12R Streetfighter
Awards: best c body 2010 mopar nats
Profession: Engineer
Service offered: Steel Art
Contact number: 09 814 9024

Martyn & Christine Williams

Member since: 2009
Vehicles: 1960 Plymouth Belvedere
Contact number: 021 522 716

Mike Downey

Member since: 2010
Vehicle: chev camaro 1982 z28
Contact number: 021632629

Martin Reichs

Member since:2013
Vehicle:1923 T bucket
Profession:Tool Maker
Contact number:09 8353845

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